” ‘Deliberate Design’ by Tofu Boy is beautiful in the way that a meaningful piece of art, a book, a movie or play is beautiful even though, like life, it is full of hard choices, sadness (even extremely so), redemption, or survival of love against formidable odds… The orchestration whether analog or electronic is a total surprise as is the sparse piano and other sounds. They are elegant, easy on the heart and sublime. ” – American Pancake, September 2021

“[Shark Attack] starts off with a real heavy riff and that’s what sucked me into it.” – Frank (“Shakin’ Abe”) Dragotto – The JFJ Conspiracy Podcast, May 2021

“Tofu Boy might just be the smartest kid in the room, and don’t expect him to hold his talent back. “Alt 77 blog, April 2021

I love how this song looks back fondly on things that used to be part of pop culture. The sound of the vocals is quirky and catchy. Take a listen to ‘Shark Attack’. It is well worth your time!” – Music Injection Blog, April 2021

Tofu Boy is inspired by a nomadic streak and an affinity with travellers and worldly-wise folk. His songs sing of “A Different Way of Living” (the title of his forthcoming debut EP) and ask what life really is, and can be.