“Tofu Boy might just be the smartest kid in the room, and don’t expect him to hold his talent back.”Alt 77 blog, April 2021

I love how this song looks back fondly on things that used to be part of pop culture. The sound of the vocals is quirky and catchy. Take a listen to ‘Shark Attack’. It is well worth your time!” – Music Injection Blog, April 2021

“[Shark Attack] starts off with a real heavy riff and that’s what sucked me into it.” – Frank (“Shakin’ Abe”) Dragotto – The JFJ Conspiracy Podcast, May 2021

Tofu Boy is inspired by a nomadic streak and an affinity with travellers and worldly-wise folk. His songs sing of “A Different Way of Living” (the title of his forthcoming debut EP) and ask what life really is, and can be.